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Class of 2019 Graduation Newsletter

We are looking forward with excitement to the upcoming Eden High School Graduation Ceremony.  This newsletter is to inform potential graduates and parents of the important dates and procedures regarding the requirements necessary to participate in the Eden High School Class of 2019 Graduation Ceremony.  Students should listen to daily announcements and check our school website for additional information as it becomes available.  We encourage parents to visit our school website as well at www.eden.dsbn.org and click on the Graduation icon.


Students must meet all of the Graduation requirements set out by the Ontario Ministry of Education to receive the Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD), or Certificate of Accomplishment (COA) for students in our Specialized School to Community program.  Check the school website for the “Graduation Requirements” section under the Guidance tab.

The first draft of the Potential Graduate List has been posted on the Guidance office door.  An updated list will be posted regularly thereafter until June 7thStudents must check the list and come to Guidance if they have any concerns.  Names will be removed from the Graduate List after June 7th if the required Community Service Hours (40) have not been recorded in Hour Republic.  The list will again be updated regularly thereafter.

Graduation Ceremony

The 2019 Graduation Ceremony will be held on Thursday, June 27th, 2019 at 7:00 p.m. at Central Community Church, 240 Scott Street, St. Catharines.  Graduates should arrive no later than 6:15 p.m.  We are expecting approximately 190 students to graduate this year and parking may be a challenge;  It may be helpful to organize car-pools.  Additional parking can be found on the side streets across the street and west of the Church.

Graduation Ceremony Tickets

We celebrate the fact that many young people are graduating from Eden.  Consequently, the space at our Grad ceremony will be tight.  Graduating students will not require a ticket; however guests will require tickets.  Instructions can be found  (click on the Graduation tab on the Eden website) as to how to obtain up to 4 guest tickets using School Cash On-line.  There will be no seats available without tickets.  Should there be extra tickets available, information will be provided on the School website under the Graduation tab.  Please refrain from calling the school to enquire.  Extra ticket Information will be posted after June 1st.   The ceremony will likely be streamed through video.  A link and instructions will be provided closer to the date of the ceremony.

Grad Caps and Gowns

The majority of graduates have submitted forms for Cap and Gown.  If you have not submitted your form please see Mrs. Ledwez in the Learning Commons.


We recognize how important this moment is for you and your son/daughter so we have arranged a professional photographer to take a picture of the special moment when your son/daughter receives his/her diploma. This image will be printed and included with the final report card. Due to this arrangement, please refrain from moving to the front for a picture so as not to interfere with the photographer.

Graduate Celebrations

Graduates quite often organize and involve themselves in their own graduate celebrations.  These student organized events can be fun and exciting while often contributing to the making of many fond memories.  It is, however, important and prudent to point out that these extra social events are not officially sponsored by Eden High School or the District School Board of Niagara.  For your information and decision making it is necessary to clarify this and emphasize that we do not fund, organize or supervise these student initiated activities.

Grad Pranks

Grad pranks are not supported at Eden.  We sincerely hope that the mark you leave in your Senior Year at Eden is a positive one.   Consequences for your actions can negatively affect you.  Every choice has a consequence and some choices may affect your future.  It is hoped that upon graduation you are reflecting on the leadership and the high standards for which Eden High School is known.

Graduation Awards

Many of Eden’s awards are based on character, integrity, and commitment to the core values of the school.  The Awards Committee refers to the Student Profile Summary, submitted by the potential grads, to select the recipients of many of the awards, scholarships and bursaries.  The criteria for these awards are available in the graduation program at the grad ceremony. 

Throughout the year, many of these awards have been presented through announcements and the guideden Instagram page.  Students are also encouraged to look at scholarships and awards through the DSBN website under the Guidance tab and click on Scholarships and Financial Aid.

Important Dates

April 1               First Draft of Potential Grad list posted on Guidance door

May 2                Ontario Financial Assistance Program (OSAP) presentation at 6:30

April 25              Midterm marks are uploaded to Ontario Colleges and Universities (notify                                         guidance of any discrepencies)

Late March         Graduation Information forms availabe for students to complete using the link                                 found on eden website (Guidance, Grad. Info. Form)           

April 25              Graduation Information Form due to guidance. (This information is used to grant                             awards.  If students want to be considered for any award, this summary must be                             handed in.)

May 31            Last day to hand in Community Service Hours to guidance.  Names will be taken                            off the Potential Grad list after this date.

June 27            Graduation Ceremony 7:00 p.m. at Central Community Church (grads to arrive by                           6:15 p.m.)

Message from Guidance

  • A reminder that Community Service Hours need to be submitted to Guidance by May 31st.Names will not appear on the Potential Grad List until students have submitted their completed forty(40) hours.  Hours need to be documented in Hour Republic.
  • Potential Graduates are encouraged to continue searching for scholarship and bursary opportunities on the DSBN website at www.dsbn.org/awards.Grade 12 students were shown how to navigate this portal last October during grade 12 classroom visits.
  • Those students who have applied to college or university should check their academic information on the Ontario Colleges and/or Ontario Universities Application Centre websites, once midterm marks have been uploaded.It is important to contact Guidance immediately if you notice any errors.  Students must confirm their program of choice by certain deadlines:Colleges is May 1st and universities is June 1st.Make sure that you read all of the information provided in your offer packages or on the portals for each school applied to.

Be sure to finish strong as college and university offers are conditional and entrance scholarships are based on final marks.

*********If you need further clarification of any guidance related issue, please contact either Mrs.                 Mercier-Beaudoin at Annie.Mercier-Beaudoin@dsbn.org or Mrs. Schellenberg at                           Eleanore.Schellenberg@dsbn.org